February 2014

5 Reasons TopGolf Works

5 Reasons TopGolf Works

TopGolf is a unique entertainment and recreation offering that appeals to a broad demographic.

It’s a concept that capitalizes on the social and sporting appeal of golf while introducing new technology, which broadens the concept’s allure to include golfers and non-golfers alike. TopGolf has experienced phenomenal success with exponential growth in visitors and forever redefined the driving range experience. Take a look at five key drivers of TopGolf’s success:

#1: Social Aspect

TopGolf is not just about golf. It takes a family approach, but also offers a nightlife that draws a diverse customer set. Proof point, nearly half of TopGolf guests describe themselves as “non-golfers”, demonstrating its appeal beyond the nation’s 28.5 million golfers.

#2: The Experience Reinvented

The average consumer expects value for their dollar, be it quality service or a variety of entertainment options. TopGolf delivers the whole package. HSBC Futures highlighted the TopGolf concept that golf facilities should take notice of in order to stay relevant. They said that for traditional golf venues to survive, they would need to re-invent themselves along the lines of TopGolf, with a range of golf formats and entertainment facilities.

#3: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

Golf in its traditional sense remains a popular sport that faces affordability and time constraints. Golf enthusiasts and casual players can experience the sport in an easily accessible and affordable format at TopGolf. GolfWeek detailed how TopGolf’s approach overcomes the challenges to traditional golf.

“Many golf industry metrics – such as participation, rounds played and course closings – have trended negative for years due to accessibility and affordability. But you wouldn’t know it from the scene playing out at TopGolf.” — GolfWeek.

#4: Competition

High-tech features like RFID Technology that can track the location and distance of every shot make TopGolf perfect for a little friendly competition. The myriad of games available—such as mini golf, TopChip, TopPressure, TopShot, and TopDrive—appeal to a broad range of abilities. You don’t have to be a good golfer to have fun.

“TopGolf’s locations resemble what might happen if Tron met Caddyshack—and maybe Dave & Busters.” — Men’s Health Magazine

#5: Building on Success

TopGolf’s presence is growing, with locations in several states. Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arizona, and Texas are home to TopGolf properties, with more expansion planned. More consumers are familiar with TopGolf and able to make it to a location than ever before. Customer reviews and word of mouth have spread the awareness beyond existing markets generating demand for growth. A San Antonio Business Journal article surmised that the new property in that city could even pull business from across the Mexican border.


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