January 2014

IAAPA: Waterparks Become Destination Resorts

IAAPA: Waterparks Become Destination Resorts

Waterparks are growing from single-day attendance draw to an overnight "staycation" or destination getaway.

A trend over the past few years has seen some waterparks growing from single-day attendance draws where guests would leave to visit attractions, restaurants, and other businesses nearby to destination resorts. Overnight capabilities and expanded entertainment options also increase the likelihood of longer and repeated visits from families looking to enjoy a “stay-cation.” The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions published a look at the steps waterparks are taking to become destination resorts.

Parks range from all-inclusive resorts that capture every dollar spent like Camelback Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, to those that have recently added overnight options. Schlitterbahn’s New Braunfels, Texas park offers lodging units called “treehauses” and has overnight accommodations. The focus for Schlitterbahn remains the waterpark aspect, but expanded amenities make properties more durable and keeps waterparks relevant in difficult economic times.

All varieties of waterpark properties have taken steps to become destination resorts. Read the full article by clicking here.


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