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August 2017

BASIS Schools:

Inside the Network That Consistently Ranks Best In Class

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In April, U.S. News and World Report announced its “Best High Schools in the United States,” an annual ranking that identifies “the top performing public high schools at the national and state level and include published data on more than 22,000 schools.” For anyone unfamiliar with the BASIS network of schools, this year’s rankings serve as a fast introduction—BASIS schools took four of the top five spots.

Best National High Schools 2017

How is the BASIS network of schools accomplishing this? It’s an achievement that speaks volumes about the unique teaching model and curriculum the school offers every single one of its students, both public charter school and private school attendees.

The BASIS network began in 1998, the year economic professors Michael and Olga Block opened their first charter school in Tucson, Arizona after being dissatisfied by the lack of rigor of American schools for their daughter. The couple met in 1992 at a university in Austria, where Michael was teaching a seminar Olga was attending. Their educational experiences abroad, paired with Olga’s childhood schooling in Prague, greatly informed their shared expectations of education for their child. It was the beginning of a network of schools that benchmarked students’ success to global standards, while raising expectations and results in the process.

On the education news website The 74, Kate Stringer examines the myriad elements that make BASIS so successful. She writes that “BASIS schools teach their students like Europeans and Asians do. Now they beat them on international tests.”

Read the in-depth look at this exceptional network of schools here.


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